Anya Brightclad

Beautiful elven merchant who uses her furnishings store, ** Brightclad's Odds & Ends**, as a front for storing weapons for the Boughbreakers.


Anya Brightclad is an elf of unmeasurable grace and beauty. She was once a warrior who now lives the simple live of a merchant. Or does she?


Anya, her son Tal and their wildling companion Kaa-Lin are members of the Boughbreakers. A resistance of sorts that funnels money, weapons, armor, and goods to the cause. This cause sees that one day all wildlings will be of free will and no longer slaves of the Willow Queen and her Oakthorn army. The Boughbreakers will stop at nothing less than one day defeating the Queen and destroying her Fleshforge.

Anya keeps a safe house in a hidden area under the floor of her shop in the Gateway market district. She uses this safehouse to store weapons, goods, and the occasional wildling for her fellow compats—- the Birchstaff brothers.

Anya Brightclad

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