Lightbringer's Charm

Found on the body of a corpse inside the deserted island tower


A golden disc 2" in circumference that bears an embossed whale-like creature floating over a body of water.


The heroes found this charm while searching the corpses inside a destroyed tower during their Scavenger’s Hunt quest. After the heroes brought it back onto Karl Luckfinder’s ship, The Chance, the orc captain was quickly enamored by the otherworldy yet simple charm. Despite all attempts to secure this tiny shield from the heroes Luckfinder could not get it in his grasp—- that is until the charm found him. Shrouding the orc in an all-consuming voidglow the charm seemingly turned the captain into a glowmad-ravaged ogre. The heroes defeated the captain in battle of strength after which Lightbringer’s voice bellowed this command:

“I am the god Lightbringer, but before my insanity I was Oceanius, Lord of the Oceans. The disk you found was a holy symbol of my priests. I have not seen its like since before the dawn of the world.”
“Seek these artifacts of the Souls in preparation for the final battle. The fuel that burns in the Queen’s barge; the armor of Orcbane; Festival’s Harp, ignored by my followers; the hammer of the damned dwarf; and the raven staff. Recover them all for soon the Shield will fall again.”
“Begin your quest by seeking Joeseth Truthbearer in Gateway…”

Lightbringer's Charm

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