Jarek Zimno

One-Armed Scholarship Mage


Race: Human
Charisma: +2
Home Isle: Firsthome (later Shadowhaven)
Pace: 6
Power Points: 20

Derived Attributes
Parry: 5 (6 w/ Rib Blade)
Toughness: 5 (6 w/ hide armor)

Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Strength: d4
Spirit: d8
Vigor: d6

Fighting: d6
Guts: d4
Investigation: d6
Knowledge (Arcana): d8
Notice: d4
Persuasion: d6
Streetwise: d4
Spellcasting: d10

Arcane Background (Magic), Wizard (-1pp to cost per raise), Power Points (5 additional pp),
Charismatic (+2 to Charisma)

Major: One Arm (-4 tasks requiring two arms)
Minor: Vengeful (go out of way to seek revenge), Vow (serve The Athenaeum)


  • Bolt – PP: 1-6; Range 12/24/48; Duration: Instant; Damage: 2d6 (base 1 pp), 2 or 3 bolts (1 pp/bolt), +1d6 damage/bolt (1pp/bolt)
  • Boost/Lower Trait – PP: 2; Range: Smarts; Duration: 3 (1pp/round sustain); Effect: Increase trait 1 step (2 w/ raise); decrease trait -1 step (-2 w/ raise), opposed by opponent’s Spirit
  • Elemental Manipulation (water) – PP: 1; Range: Smarts x 2; Duration: Instant; Effect: Perform Trick maneuver using spellcasting, conjure 1 pint water or purify 1 gallon water, allow poisoned a second change to resist
  • Burst – PP: 2; Range: Flame template; Duration: Instant; Damage 2d10; enemies make agility rolls versus arcane skill roll, 1d6 chance of catching on fire if hit, counts as a Heavy Weapon

Leather Armor (10 lbs)
Rib Blade (1 lb)
Backpack (2 lbs)
Waterskin (1 lb)
Flint & Steel (1 lb)
Normal Clothing x 2 (-)
Sleeping Canvas (5 lbs)
1371 cogs (money)
1 x Scroll of Dispel Magic
Ring of the Araneae
Beauregard’s Beetle Brooch
Silver Whistle

Advancement 1 – Bumped Spirit up to d8.
Advancement 2 – Took Charismatic Edge.
Advancement 3 – Took Burst spell.

Updating beginning of the night, August 27 session.


Jarek was born in the frozen reaches of the island of Firsthome. He knows nothing of his family; “Zimno” is an old word for “cold” and is commonly used on Firsthome for orphans or bastards with no known family name. His earliest memories are of roaming the streets as part of a gang of abandoned children, spending each day trying to scrounge enough food to survive. He still recalls crawling beneath the floor of taverns, trying to pick up lost change and wait for a hopeful spill of nourishing ale.

This changed when he was (he estimates) somewhere around 9 or 10 years old. He attempted to steal a book from the carriage of a finely dressed lady, hoping to pawn it for food. When the runes on the book flared, he instinctively pushed them away with his hands. Jarek was still stunned into paralysis, but not killed as any ordinary child would have been. The lady, Nyssa, was a wizard of the Athenaeum. She recognized Jarek’s instinctive act of self-preservation as an expression of mystical gift and arranged to take him back to Shadowhaven.

Normally students at the Athenaeum are the children of the wealthy (or at least comfortably middle class) or the nobility. Only these can pay to have their children examined for mystical gifts and have those gifts carefully nourished with the Athenaeum’s massive store of lore. To take on a penniless orphan like Jarek was quite unusual. However Lady Nyssa insisted, seeing in Jarek a valuable mystical potential. He was worked twice as hard as any other student and forced to take on various menial duties as well, but Jarek learned well. His talents bloomed. Too, he learned to imitate the accents and mannerisms of his fellow students, disguising his street origins. Upon graduation, Jarek took on a mystical vow to attempt to serve the Athenaeum’s interests whenever he might be called upon,.

It was just after his studies were completed that Jarek lost his arm. In his first voyage on a skyship, and he took on a job with a crew of bounty hunters. They were on a hunt for a crew of Heralds of the Light and found their target. Unfortunately for Jarek, the Heralds had a flame sorcerer with them. She overcame his magic and struck him with a mystical bolt that burned his right arm to the bone, forcing its amputation just below the elbow. He killed her for her trouble, but the damage with done. Only a miracle of greater healing could possibly restore his lost limb, and even that would have to contend with the lingering curse of the Lightbringer’s magic fighting the healing power.

Today, Jarek is a man without a real place in the world. Though he can affect the mannerisms of the upper class, he has no family to return to, no home other than the forbidding gates of the the Athenaeum. So he flies the skies, selling his wizard’s skills to survive. Unlike many such sailors, he is not fleeing anything but rather searching for something. A cause, a home, love… who can say? All that he knows is he will keep searching and honing his magic until he finds it.

Jarek Zimno

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